1. Street Appeal
It's the first thing buyers see and you want it to give a good impression! Mow the lawns, pressure clean the driveway & any paving and weed & mulch the garden beds - easy-care green plants mixed with cheerful flowers are a good combination. Clear cobwebs from the corners of the doorway, remove any shoes from the entry and shake out the door mat - the neater, the better!

HINT: Start watering and maintaining the lawn and garden as soon as you're thinking of marketing your property, so it will definitely be green and vibrant for opens.


Feature pots add a nice final touch!

Feature pots add a nice final touch!

2. Clean and De-clutter
Don't underestimate the importance of ensuring your home is sparkling clean, neat and tidy from head to toe. Clear off tables, counter tops, vacuum under the couch, dust high places, clean all the windows & tidy bookshelves. Make sure your bathroom is looking fresh; re-grout if needed, scrub the glass shower screens & store away shower products. Investing in a professional cleaner to do a 'pre-sale' clean is a good idea!

HINT: Buyers might look inside cupboards to check storage space, so keep them tidy.

3. Paint
A fresh coat of paint can make such a huge impact on a buyers perception of your home. But be careful here! The wrong colour can put potential buyers off, so it's really important to choose the right colour palette for your market. Also consider what compliments your flooring, window dressings and doors.

HINT: Neutral colours are usually a safe 'go to' but always test a few different samples first. 

4. Interior
Less is more when it comes to decorating your interior. Keep furniture minimal & contemporary, textures natural and colour tones neutral - you want to make it easy for buyers to imagine personalising the area. Hiring a furniture stylist is an excellent option to consider, especially if your property is empty - staging furniture gives buyers the best idea of layout and generally staged homes sell faster and for more.

HINT: Speak to us about arranging quotes for staging your home.

The right advice can help you turn an awkward space into something practical!

The right advice can help you turn an awkward space into something practical!

5. Minor Repairs
Don't give buyers any reason to criticize your property, so make sure all the 'small things' are fixed. Check none of your taps are dripping, all door handles work, cupboards close, replace any blown light bulbs or torn curtains and patch any chips or cracks in the walls.

HINT: Updating & modernising fixtures like taps and drawER handles, can make a massive difference.

6. Renovations
Kitchens and bathrooms can often make or break a buyers decision. If your property is still in the original condition, it might be a good idea to look into renovation costs for rooms like these. Or maybe adding a patio could have a big impact on your outside area.  Work out a suitable budget and the costs and weigh it up against how much your property is expected to sell for - it may or may not be worth going ahead.

HINT: Don't skip on seeking professional advice with this one - give us a call!

7. Lighting
Maximise as much natural light as possible (yes, this means immaculately cleaned windows). LED downlights are a very effective lighting option for a light, bright and more premium feel. For rooms that are a bit darker, think about adding floor or table lamps.

HINT: Try giving a basic room a lift by adding a statement light shade.

Magazines, table & lounge settings, polished deck and tropical palms give the space a 'zen' feel!

Magazines, table & lounge settings, polished deck and tropical palms give the space a 'zen' feel!

Make your alfresco or patio area as appealing as possible, so buyers can imagine themselves relaxing after work or entertaining friends on the weekend. Clean your pool, repair the broken decking, wash the pavers, mow the lawn, weed & mulch the garden, tidy up the shed and check your reticulation is working.

HINT: Families are usually looking for outside room for kids to run around - make your yard look as space effective as possible.

9. Detach and De-personalise
Turn your home into a house and start emotionally detaching from it. Get yourself mentally prepared for selling an item and not a memory by packing away all of your personal items, ornaments and kids artwork. Inviting family and friends over as a last celebration, could be a nice way to say bye to your house.

HINT: Start focusing on your future and the new property that will become your home. 

10. Just Ask Us
Let us help you get your property ready to sell. We offer FREE PROPERTY APPRAISALS, where we will give you personalised styling and presentation advice and recommendations on what you need to do before putting your property on market. We will work with you along the way, giving you the best chance of selling your property for the highest possible price. We love what we do and we're here & happy to help!


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